The Desolate

by Inferion

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    The First Inferion release to feature the vastly talented Bassist Frank Gross (ex-Kult Ov Azazel). This release shows no remorse. It's the fastest Inferion album to date. Co-written with long time member and good friend Armando Martinez (Heaven Ablaze) and Diego Angee (of Belzeth and Evil Throne), this album discovers a new level of darkness and aggression never before explored. Fast, fucking brutal, and aggressive The Desolate is an unforgiving Black Metal offering.

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The end of light. Oberon, main moon satellite.Give me light from darkness. Make my journey real. Shall I abandon God, and burn away my faith, religion is the cancer left crumbling in my wake. Divinity. Oberon. Take my gift of fire,and overthrow your leaders. Oberon the future burning star. Divinity. Tonight I slumber on the sun, and slaughter break of day. I control the cosmos brand new planets in decay. Divinity. Oberon. Lost among the twilight, like fragments from the past. Beyond the touch of God is where my deadly soul will last. Divinity. Oberon.The brilliant shade of black keeps heaven below the setting sun. An ounce of blood a drop of fear, witness the angry planet so near. Know me as the edge of life with a grasp mere humans cant obtain in an ocean of adrenaline.
Further from the prophets bullshit predictions lies a future free from the dying trinity. Where salvation, crucifixion, and divine resurrection,are images of a forgotten dead-end faith. Dead end faith. Have we forgot our ethereal visions there is a hope highly refined, in the intangible fields of ether. Celestial spheres echo in this perplex of noise. Where were drunk off pain and addicted to the somber ecstasy. I see a glimpse, I see a chance to be a cell highly refined in life Im flesh but here im ambient.
It began with blood. Long before the Christian lies on the wings of distant stars. Came the blueprints of our blood, our bodies, and our final destination. Every living thing on this vessel was born from compassionate anger. We inherit the seeds of war, the essential chemical. Without oxygen these cells live in subsonic darkened walls inside us all. It began with blood long before the first page of contradiction. From water to land to air to space then we reach the next dimension. Every living thing on this vessel was born from compassionate anger. Without oxygen these cells live in subsonic darkened walls inside us all.
Evil rules this trigger with a malice born from hate. Half a second to aim and crack a smile, I wont hesitate to show you the end of the barrel. The end of the line is the end of your life. You can pray to God for your should to be saved. On second thought this time is mine, to fill the silence with my twisted laughter. Load the bringer of vengeance. A worthy extension of my imagination. A joy far beyond the limits of comprehension. Its the majesty of a bullet at 200 yards per second to the rhythm of your cracking flesh and bones. Becoming one with the tissue of your mind, blood freezes as you die. As you die. Offspring of the Demons. Hatred ammunition.A joy far beyond the limits of comprehension. A worthy extension of my imagination.
These nails in this flesh what a work of art. Who are you to justify yourself for people who dont care. Their hate for you runs deeper than the oceans. One moment of anger a lifetime free from chains. One moment of anger. Dont comeback explore the astral plains. Find a greater meaning than just causing misery. Lacerate your ties to this world. Lacerate your bonds with our race. Lacerate your meaning and existence. Lacerate your mother and the holy trinity. Hail the violent intuition buried in our blood. Peace did not create this race so fuck your psalms and your sacred words. We burn away our faith. Somehow through the threats of life, well find a way. To control the stars and adjust the heavens in our grasp. Well find a way.
Out of darkness and light. Shaded warriors appear from strife. From cold lands they ride. Tortured souls awaiting my cry. I wanted it all. Beauty and darkness a beckoning call. Whats wrong with my life? Nothing now die. Sitting upon the frozen throne recalling the days of old. I have lived a long day. Time to decompose. I have seen all of your darkness. I have seen your pain and suffering. I have seen your soul its so black so cold. I dwell upon the frozen throne. A wasted landscape. A land of death and stone. To hear their screams again. Brings hope to my now imprisoned soul. A night on the sun. Is where you shall remain. Now sit here with me become witness to all this pain. Black anger rain clouds trees of broken shroud. Fire sky burn lies these are mine with time. Hear the plains of snow. We walk together. To hear your voice again. My lasting endeavor.
Underlife 05:13
Beneath this life, a world beyond. A limited space where you hide your fears. A state of mind where you lose control, and realize that your fears are real. Dont deny whats in mans nature. Forever, walk beneath shades of doubt. The underlife awakening. As you feel your fears beckoning. The underlife a hell of a place. Your fears are real. Dont deny whats in mans nature. Forever, walk beneath shades of doubt. No religious deities. Just hatred and uncertainty of this land inside your fears. Lock terror away. Like a wild animal. Soon the day will come, when the beast sets itself free.
Purest Evil 04:44
Into the depths of Desire. Well bathe in the burning fire. Release the seals that bind the gates. These flames will always come to me. Release the purest evil. Prophesized by one. The black eternal sun. Into oblivion. Great Gods convene truce of power obscene come forth my demon. Into the darkest domain. I feel like theres three dimensions to name. Ones of hate, ones of shame, and ones of pain. Now release the chains that bind the gates. Forever more hate, forever more pain, forever I hold all this disdain. I want you to forget me. Partake in this noble cause. Your insolence. I walk a path of destruction, and never look back. Condemned you who would stand before me. Fall to your knees. Release the purest evil. Prophesized by one. The black eternal sun. Into oblivion. Hear the call of burning power reborn again this day. Hear the call of burning power. Hear the call within this hour. Reborn again this day.
This is the hour, for urgent faith in Gods. Embrace the young the times are desperate now. You said you hate your God. Now you pray for your lives. Those withering deities, that come from heaven and hell. To find some peace within, the beast within me. You said fuck faith in God now your choking on the rosary beads.The deadliest shade of black. Cloaks the earth with an iceage blast. Exhausted, from all the drugs. Bring your children God-damned in chains. As you make them bear and carry your shame. Beneath the final moments. When were just about ready to die. Your a piece of shit human being youve earned the crown of thorns. You said fuck faith in God now your choking on the rosary beads. Too late to call Mars our new home. We all had the right idea, looking up at the skies for salvation, just couldnt see past our Gods. The separation of atoms. Our childrens tears turn to vapor. Dead and buried with the hypocrisy. Under the moons gravity. Destined for failure. Theres something in the atmosphere we breathe, that brings us so close to failure. Give yourself to the end this is the end of the line. Abolish demons and saints in a last breath of air. The second plane awaits. Gather your soul and leave this earth behind
Obliterated 08:52


The Desolate is a tribute to the immeasurable forces of destruction and devastation. Without them, we have no future. We’re silently swallowed by the dirt and water. Eternally forgotten. It’s a journey into the dead skies above a dead world awaiting new life. As the earth overheats, it searches for an unbalanced force to knock it back into its Coma.


released January 15, 2012

Nick Reyes-Vocals,Guitars,Drums,Sound Sampling
Frank Gross-Vocals,Bass


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Inferion Miami, Florida

"Raging full-speed-ahead black metal."-Greg Pratt
Inferion is a Black/Death Metal band from Miami, FL. that began playing in 1996. Since then they have released 9 albums, and performed across the USA, South America, and Europe. The current line-up is Ray Mitchell (DDLM) Nick Reyes, Mitch Moore (Witchpit, the Reticent, Trapt) and Frank Gross (ex- Kult Ov Azazel). Horror Pain Gore Death (HPGD) ... more

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