by Inferion

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released October 24, 2003



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Inferion Miami, Florida

"Raging full-speed-ahead black metal."-Greg Pratt
Inferion is a Black/Death Metal band from Miami, FL. that began playing in 1996. Since then they have released 8 albums, and performed across the USA, South America, and Europe. The current line-up is Nick Reyes,Carlos Delgado (Death Crowned King) and Frank Gross (ex- Kult Ov Azazel). Nick Reyes continues to write music while serving in the US ARMY ... more

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Track Name: Firewar
Fire Campaign. Firewar. The day turns gray the sun has died the plague of war awaits the night. Fire scorching battelefields the fire war is the end of all. The quiet night brighter than daylight. With the flames of the end stretched across this land. Fight with hellish fury burn those in your way. Leave no man alive everyone must die. Soldier leave nothing a barren wasteland choked with ash. When you erase life from Earth come back to your home the sun. Burn at will. Set your soul free. Burn at will. Torch every inch. Ignite.
Track Name: Internal Burn
Fire burnt my soul charred my veins and my body ablazed my mind. Fading sunshine
blackening melting into misery Ignited by my love for fire Ill burn forever I am Fire. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder All I see is flames. So beauty must be fire must be rage must be everlasting. I am the beholder the destroyer Im the internal burn. Internal burn.
Track Name: Hatred Millennium
Recent years are getting dark. Anger fills the dying air. Future unborn days taste the cold verses of snow. Hatred flowing rampant through the races of the Earth. Hatred is the way the death of Earth is the destination. Take a moment to breathe all the anger in the mist rising from the soil. Hatred Millennium. Kill the Earth my minions of darkness. Ravish the peace and tranquility. Kill the weak hurdle the dead. Let us lay this Earth to rest. Hatred Millennium will never end our thirst for blood is ravishing. Peace and love is gone. There is no hope.
Track Name: Fires of Time
The furthest mountain of the edge of the Earth is where the ocean meets the sun. Its where the fires of time fall in the sea and eternity begins. Our days are ending where the sun wont tread and the greenery of Earth is forever dead. Its where the angels fall turn black and break and the mighty seas evaporate. The fires of time are ending welcomed to our hole. Well rot in here forever. Forever missing our souls.
Track Name: Recrystallizing the Blood
We are hatred and darkness pure. Races pure dreams I will never see
inbreeding murder instead. Races stand divided in unity. We should never mate with the angels. Recrystallizing the blood purifying our souls burning the fools with our hate separation the way. Our blood is pure.
Track Name: The Dying Trinity
The trinity is weak the lies of God die deep. Legends of his throne conquered by the burn.
Witnessed by the Gods of war and of hatred. The bond between the filth cleansed by the fire. Many years have passed since the book of lies. Long have we destroyed the christian way of life. The dying trinity. Odin set this world free. Burn the christian faith. The pagan way of life is the only way to live.
Track Name: Weakness
Satan dwells in the human beast laughing behind the fire. He sees through our eyes through the darkness. Chars our bodies enslaves our souls. Satan enslave the weak. Defeat the strong burn the fools. Guide us down the cursed path. Lead me down the cursed path I am man I am weak. Life means nothing now im free. Satan burn my soul. Man is weak beast is strong darkness overcomes. Satan make me strong commit the impossible. I am man hear my plea. Blasphemy priest Satan rules dreams plaguing my soul. Darkness riding the visions of all that is good. Blasphemy. Satan.
Track Name: Desecrating the Holiest Gate
Bring us your God. The clan of hell is here to claim his head. With a million or more beasts. To burn to bleed to fight to kill in the name of the firewar. Desecrating the holiest gate. The battle begins. We are at the gates. We will not wait. We will burn and kill until the heavens fall. And when were fucking done well erase the existence of God everything thats holy will burn.
Desecrating christianity. The battles underway. We scream victory.